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Welcome to the Senior Doe page!

Click on the photos below to be taken to individual doe pages.

These girls have proven themselves year after year with their quality, longevity, and exceptional kids. Each one brings different strengths to our program and we are blessed to have them. 


Helmstead Minis F Fireinthesky


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Olson Acres IRR Cherise

Rasin Ridge Ranch Nightshade

Grasse Acres Lacy

Rasin Ridge Ranch A Madonna

animal-2027533_960_720 copy.png

Rasin Ridge Ranch BlackVelvet

Rasin Ridge Ranch Godiva

Flat Rock's California Chrome


Rasin Ridge Ranch M Melody

Rasin Ridge Ranch M Miranda

Rasin Ridge Ranch MB Raven

Little Tots Estate Ebony


Little Tots Estate Olivia KBCC

Dill's BJ Diamond

Olson Acres CRD Dainty 

Olson Acres LUN Apricot Brandy 

Farm Oldesouth SR Toby's Faith


Little Tots Estate Honey Bee

Bramblestone CAL Skittles

Farm Olesouth BHP Oooolala

available.  850.00

Castle Rock Ice Castle

Castle Rock Bonfire

Olson Acres Precious Moments

Roamn Ranch Harmony


Roamn Ranch Opal

animal-2027533_960_720 copy.png

India Blue H Jezebelle

Roamn Ranch CC Passion

Zanzabeez BTM Gucci In Style

Zanzabeez BLU Ginger-Leigh

Roamn Ranch CC Mint Patty

animal-2027533_960_720 copy.png

Old Mountain Farm Oolah Quinn

Roamn Ranch M Sunshine

Available.  400.00

cr leaf.png
cr leaf sise short on heaven.jpg
cr leaf back.jpg

pic credit to Abigayle Wilson, Tomboy Acres

Castle Rock Leaf 3*M

leaf 2019b.jpg

2019 4th fresehning udder.

kidded quints

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