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Welcome to Roamn Ranch!

     The goats we raise are dedicated to being an asset to the breed and, also to other breeders as well. We will be offering stock for sale as they become available. Our herd is tested to be 100% clean of Johnes, CAE, and CL.

     Sewing has been a lifelong passion of mine and  thankfully it has brought me back to the farm life in which I was raised.  Growing up, we were fortunate to being responsible for the care of 2 zebras, ostriches, buffalo, deer, walabies, and a few horses and ponies. But, a horse breeder also gave me a goat. He was my beloved Koby.  Once you love a goat, good chance it's a lifetime love.

     Now, this is something my husband, Bob, and I work on together to create a wonderful herd that will hopefully carve their space in the Nigerian world and also for other breeders as well.

Thank you for looking.

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