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Sales Policy

Reservation list and kid sales:

No reservation deposit is necessary to be placed on our reservation list.  After kidding, a 50% non-refundable deposit can be made by check or PayPal. If using PayPal, 3% must be added for their fees or funds must be sent using the 'Friends and Family' feature.  Upon birth you will be contacted that your reservation is up, you have  24 hours to respond with your confirmation and deposit.  Failure to respond will result in us going to the next reservation; however, this does NOT mean you have been removed from our list, merely shuffled.  If you miss your notification and still would like a kid please contact us immediately and we will make arrangements for a different kid or move you to 2nd in line for your original request.  Balance is due at the time of pick up and must be paid in full when the animal leaves. If you plan on paying your final balance with a check please send it with plenty of time for us to receive, deposit, and clear the check; cash is the preferred way to settle final balances.  Once the kid is ready to leave there is a 2 week window in which the buyer has to pick it up, after this window boarding fees apply. 


----Our Promise to you is that you will receive a healthy, vibrant kid that represents our farm in the best ways possible!

----All Kids will be disbudded, up to date on shots and coccidia prevention, and will come with registration paperwork.  

----Single kids will not be sold to a home without at least one goat. Goats are herd animals and require same species companionship.  We are responsible breeders who want happy goats and happy goat owners!  

Adult sales:

On occasion we have adults on offer. Please understand that adults have been used for specific reasons to forward our breeding program goals and we become very attached to them.  These animals are not culls or defective to our knowledge in any way, as all us goat owners know, we cannot keep them all! Prices for these animals are reflective of their value to our program and potential value to the breed as a whole. We are happy to answer conformation, health, and breeding history questions that will help our goats find the program they can benefit most.


We greatly prefer farm pick up but in the event a buyer needs an animal shipped those arrangements are the responsibility of the buyer.  All costs associated, included any veterinary papers needed for transport, are the responsibility of the buyer.

Guarantees and returns:

As responsible breeders of quality animals we are comfortable that all our herd members are sound physically and genetically.  However, once an animal leaves the property there are NO guarantees outside of genetic defects that would not be the results of buyer mismanagement.  Upon leaving our care the health and well being of the goat is solely the responsibility of the buyer.  No returns will be accepted under any circumstances for the protection of the health of our herd and in accordance with our bio-security measures. A health certificate can be provided by request at the buyer's expense.  

We reserve the right to retain any animal at any point of the sale and will always act in the best interest of the animal. 

Placing our animals is a serious endeavor and please be prepared to answer questions about your facilities, health program, current stock, and any other inquiries to ensure our sweet goats have a long, happy and productive life in their new homes.

Responsibilities of our buyers:

Our goats are like family. Because of this we expect our buyers to be responsible and capable of caring for goats. Please make sure you have: a basic 1st aid kit with appropriate antibiotics, contact with a reliable vet, safe/appropriate accommodations including housing and fencing, proper feed/mineral/supplements, hoof trimming shears, and at least a beginning knowledge of caring for goats. We are happy to lend our expertise and knowledge; never hesitate to ask us questions.  Our goal is healthy goats and happy customers !  

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